Discovering Thailand ? This is the way to do!

Discovering Thailand ? This is the way to do!

Most people who go to Thailand arrive at Bangkok and stops there “in the Disney Area of Thailand” . But there is so much to see, explore and taste in this beautiful country and around.


Kanya and Joan

Recently my friends Kanya and Joan started the Bed and Breakfast “Forest Hill” , about 2 hours drive from Bangkok and very near to one of the most beautiful parcs in the world. The National Parc Khao Yai.

Kanya an Joan are a mixed couple, Kanya is Thai, Joan is from Belgium / Europe.  Languages are spoken fluently: Dutch, English, French, German and ofcourse Thais.

Khao Yai National Parc

Khao Yai National Parc

They created a beautiful and very peaceful place in the green rural hills area of Khao Yai. At this moment they started with 1 B&B room but at the end of 2016 they have realised 2 extra bungalows in Forest hill.

Because of their knowledge and network in Thailand and further to Cambodia and Vietnam, this is the place to be, to discover the best places, food and everything around in Thailand.

Take a visit to their Website to read and learn more and make your reservations there online.


Joan’s daily thing

Prawns on the BBQ

Prawns on the BBQ and don’t forget to taste Joan’s special grill sauce, its world famous 🙂